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Types of non-bank loans – check the most frequent inquiries.

Remember, however, that a non-bank loan is not for everyone. If you do not have what to pay off the loan for, you will not even borrow the smallest amount. Loan companies offer different payday loans, they concern practically the same loans, regardless of what they are called.

The website will use search engines to help you find loan companies and get acquainted with loan offers:

What is a non-bank time? It is usually a small loan provided by loan companies. These are entities that are not banks but those who run ordinary business activities and grant loans from equity.

What is a non-bank loan in installments? It is a loan granted by loan companies with a long lending period. The loan is repaid in most cases in monthly installments or less frequently in weekly installments. The amount of such a loan in an online company can reach up to 20,000 Euro, and the loan period usually does not exceed 48 months.

Virtually all non-bank loans are more expensive than the same bank loans. The exception are short-term loans for new clients in the promotional offer. This means that you borrow and give away the same amount. On the website of the selected company you can check whether such an offer is available.

Types of non-bank loans on the internet

Types of non-bank loans on the internet

loans for evidence – issued on the basis of proof. The only condition is, depending on the loan company, the completion of 18 years (in some 21 years) and not more than… Other conditions also depend on the specific offer of the loan company.

loans without database – the loan company does not check the history of its client in database. But he makes the client’s credit assessment. This means that on the basis of such analysis, it decides whether or not to grant a loan.

phone loans – you only need to send an SMS to get a loan. This form is used by companies that have been cooperating with a given client for a long time.

Online loans – simply complete the online application and wait for the decision. It is estimated that the payday loans market via the Internet is shared equally by companies operating on-line and via the Internet. The online market is dominated by several large loan companies.

social loans – a regular loan provided by private individuals, registered on social media platforms. You should carefully check the terms and conditions of such agreements and regulations regarding the use of such platforms. Increasingly, it happens that registration on pseudo websites is made by phone, and the cost of a minute of talk is over € 7 gross.

Remember to never borrow when you know that your financial situation does not allow you to settle your obligation on time. It can end up falling into a debt loop, which leads to major financial problems.

Do not borrow to settle your debt in another loan company! This will also cause problems that are difficult to deal with.

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