Loan of 5000 euro: simulation, estimate and calculation of loan installment


Let’s find out how the 5,000 euros personal loans work for who they are addressed and how long we can choose for our financing. Finally, how to request a loan estimate completely free, with the calculation of the loan installment, so you can choose the best product ever.

Ultranix personal loans of 5,000 euros: who are they for?

Ultranix is one of the best companies we can rely on to receive a loan of any kind. The loan of 5000 euros is certainly among the most requested, especially given the fact that it is aimed at a rather large clientele. The parameters on which the customer is analyzed, and from which the positive or negative outcome of the request for financing is decided, are not restrictive, as is the case for higher amounts. The reason is obvious, and should be sought in the lower amount that the bank risks at the time of granting a loan.

To be able to take advantage of the personal loans of 5,000 euros Ultranix will be all employees and retirees Social Institution, who will have to present, respectively, the last paycheck and the last pension from the pension. Self-employed and self-employed professionals can also easily access the sum they need. What will be required by the company in this case will be the last tax return, on which the sum to which we will have access will depend. Usually, as we have said, for the 5,000 euro loans there are no particular problems in obtaining the desired amount.

One of the typical characteristics of small loans from Ultranix is certainly the speed of supply. This is facilitated by the fact that the request for funding we need can be done completely online. This greatly reduces delivery times, as well as offering the customer a very useful service, which allows you to request a loan from your home computer, or wherever you are using the App of Ultranix, available for devices with system operating iOS, which regards Android. So just a click or a touch on the screen to request the money we need. Usually, as pointed out by the Ultranix website, from the time of requesting the loan to the sum of the customer’s current account, only 48 hours pass, therefore much less than other banks, where they often expect several days to get to know the outcome of the request.

How to calculate the installment of the € 5,000 Ultranix loan: online simulation

If you are interested in receiving a € 5,000 Ultranix loan, the best thing to do is to request a free online quote. On the website of the company, in the page dedicated to personal loans, we are offered the possibility to calculate the loan installment to which we are interested. To do so we will use the simulator, which will immediately return all the best proposals of the company that meet our requests.

To request an estimate online you will not need to be an Ultranix customer, nor will you be asked for personal data to know the characteristics of the products offered. The only thing that we will have to insert will be the amount we are interested in. In our case this we have set, of course, to 5,000 euros. In the following table you will find all the information about the options among which you can choose if you are interested in receiving a loan from Ultranix.

Duration Financing Installment amount Tan% Taeg%
12 months € 432.10 4.91 8.56
24 months 221.40 euros 4.94 7.39
36 months € 151.20 4.94 6.96
48 months 116.10 euros 4.92 6.71
60 months 95.10 euros 4.92 6.57
72 months 81.10 euro 4.91 6.46
84 months 71.20 euros 4.93 6.41
96 months 68.60 euros 6.90 8.42
108 months € 62.90 6.90 8.37
120 months 58,40 euros 6.91 8.33

As you can see, the different proposals of the company are different for the duration of the loan, so the number of installments in which we will make the repayment. It is easy to notice how to have a lighter installment, it will be necessary to increase the number of months. On the other hand, we see how the interest rates of Tan and Taeg increase as the duration of the loan increases, with a big difference especially starting from 96 months.

Probably the right compromise is in the middle, so it can be advantageous to choose a refund in 48 or 60 months. In this way, in fact, the repayment installment will not be too high, and will not therefore excessively affect the monthly budget at our disposal, since the cost will be only 116.10 or 95.10 euros. In addition, Tan interest rates (4.92% in both cases) and Taeg (6.71% and 6.57% respectively) are extremely competitive compared to those on the market. The choice is now up to you, based on your economic capacity and your needs. So all you have to do is choose the option that suits you and proceed with the online loan application.



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