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Simply use our free loan calculator for your next wish fulfillment. With only a few entries, we enable you to make a comprehensive market comparison so that you can easily get your cheap online loan . It does not matter if you are looking for a car loan or a debt restructuring. In our online loan calculator you will find a cheap financing for the most common uses. Simply enter the desired term, select your term and roughly state what you need it for. With a click on ” compare now ” you will immediately get the appropriate loans that match your details. In doing so, we rely on a broad market overview and have a claim on ourselves to hold as many loans as possible in our credit comparison in order to be able to offer you the greatest possible credit market transparency.

Is the first loan offer always the cheapest loan?

Is the first loan offer always the cheapest loan?

Our sorting is based on the monthly loan installment. In the first place you will always find the loan provider, which currently offers the cheapest interest on Manucrediter. Since we do not request any personal data from you for the loan calculator or credit comparison, we therefore only use your entries for the loan amount, term and intended purpose for the calculation. Furthermore, we use the cheapest effective interest rate of the respective provider and calculate the monthly rate for our comparison. Assuming you meet all the award criteria of the first offer and have the required credit rating, then the first offer is actually the best offer for the individual case. You can easily find this out with a free loan application. At the same time, you will also be informed about the conditions on which the other providers would offer you a loan.

All comparison details in the loan calculator explained once

All comparison details in the loan calculator explained once

The credit comparison of Manucrediter is structured in such a way that you can gather all the important information at a glance so that you can compare the different loans. The essential information can be found directly in the overview. If you also want more details about the loan, you can simply open up the credit details. Let us now come to the construction of the comparison:

Credit Providers: We only work with reputable credit providers. Banks in the EU are subject to strict controls, which is why you can be sure that you will only receive reputable loans from us. Although for some people online borrowing is still somewhat suspicious, it has become possible to do so by digitizing the processes. Basically, in our online loan application you do nothing other than what a bank employee in the branch would do for you: enter your data into a form.

Monthly loan installment: The monthly loan installment results from your submissions and the lowest effective interest rate of the provider. So you can determine in advance, how expensive a loan would be for your wish (eg a debt restructuring ). Based on the many providers, you can also see directly how high the monthly charge would be at the different interest rates.

Debit Interest: The borrowing rate gives you the “pure” cost of the bank’s loan. For you as a consumer, the borrowing rate is however secondary and serves only as a guide. Make sure that the difference between the target and effective interest rates is not too high.

Effective interest rate : The effective interest rate is the interest rate at which you can ultimately lend the money. The effective interest rate naturally includes the borrowing rate and, in addition, costs for the loan. But what costs can that be, you may ask yourself? This can be eg costs for a credit intermediary. This will then be co-financed indirectly through your borrowing. If you were to take out the loan without an intermediary, this might be cheaper. Always check the difference between these interest rates. If this is too high, you can assume that your credit someone else earned.

Representative example: Under each offer you will find the representative example of each provider. In addition to the low advertising interest rates, banks and providers also have to provide information about the actual conditions at which most consumers receive a loan. In this example, according to §6a PAngV an example has to be given, which conditions 2/3 of the credit customers would receive for a certain loan amount. Especially with interest-based interest rates, large differences can arise between the advertised interest rate and the actual interest rate. Finally, in the example, you will also find the grand total again. This is the sum that you have to pay back over the entire term (loan amount + interest).

What do you find in the loan details?

What do you find in the loan details?

For each loan offer you will also find additional information that should help you with your credit decision. Not every offer is the same, so we always recommend a look at the loan details.

Details of the loan: In the loan details for the product you will find conditions of the loan. Among other things, what is the interest margin for the loan, what terms are available for the loan and what loan amounts can be taken up. Furthermore, you will find here also the indication whether it concerns a fixed interest loan . These are loans that have a credit-independent effective interest rate. All customers receive the same interest rate if their credit rating is available.

More about the online loan : Find out here whether the loan has an instant decision. As a rule, after a free credit application, we can provide information about whether the provider can provide you with a loan offer with your personal information. The loan approval is usually online or by phone.

You will also find information about special repayment here . This should play a role for you, especially if you want to replace the installment loan earlier. Then pay attention to the hint of a free total amortization. With such loans, you can arrange the term according to your wishes. Either you repay the loan for the agreed period, or simply repay it beforehand.

You can also take out an optional residual debt insurance (RSV) for numerous loans. This protects your survivors in the event of death or takes over the loan installments for you in case of unexpected unemployment or disability. But before you decide on a RSV, please check your existing insurance first. For example, you may already have term life insurance. This also protects your survivors.

Finally, you will find information on the right of withdrawal. Some providers grant a longer period than the statutory 14 days. After closing the loan, you can revoke the loan within this period and then opt for another. Some banks even offer a deadline of 30 days. So you have a whole month to think about whether or not you want the loan that way.

Acceptance criteria of the loan: what is the lender’s requirement for the desired loan? Here are important features for a positive credit decision. As a rule of thumb, for all loans you can assume that you must be of legal age, have a regular income, and have not been attracted to private credit or other credit bureaus in the past.

Special features about the loan: If a loan has something special, you will find it here. We looked at the details of the banks and providers on their platform for you. If we have found something there that has stood out from the crowd, then we have noted this under this point. For example, in our Manucrediter loan comparison we also provide car loans where the car letter remains with you and does not have to be sent to the bank as collateral. Furthermore, you will also find online loans with a fully digital loan in our comparison again.

Lenders: In the end, of course, we also run the lender. Partly banks appear under many brands. Here you will always find the bank that will pay you the loan.

Of course we looked at the loans for you in detail. For each loan you will also find a link to a test of the loan. We have taken the relevant information and current conditions under the microscope and we put together a simple review. How to find the most important information at a glance!